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We are excited you are coming to visit and delighted you are considering our New York tours!   

At Family in New York, we offer more than 35 private New York City tours, including iconic New York Sightseeing Tours; Tours of Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens; New York Layover Tours; Food Tours; Night Tours and Day Trips to regional destinations. 


On  your private New York tours with us, it will be just you and whoever comes to New York with you.  You will not  be competing with a herd of others to see the city; hear the guide speak or ask the guide questions.  You will have your own private guide, with his or her full, personal and undivided attention. 

Our private New York tours operate on your schedule and at your pace.  You will only see  those sights you want to see.  We don't waste your time traveling to, from and spending time at sights of no interest to you.  You spend too much money traveling to and staying here to waste your time on places of no interest to you.

On the morning of your New York tour, we will meet you at your Manhattan hotel at whatever time you want to begin.  At the end of the tour, we will return you to the Manhattan location of your choice, such as back to your hotel, a restaurant, theater, museum, etc.

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Your New York City tours with us will be real insider experiences, with your own resident "insider" New York City guide by your side!  Learn not only about the iconic tourist sights but discover and experience life here with your own personal and private New York sightseeing guide and New Yorker.  


On our New York City tours, we can show you all the city's famous attractions and iconic sights, plus, we can also show you off-the-beaten-path New York.  You may have your own ideas, but be sure to ask your guide about their favorite off-the-beaten-path locations in New York.

We offer different transportation options to best meet your needs on our private New York tours. We have a tour that uses public transit (subways & buses) to get around. We offer private driver-guided tours (for up to 6 guests), conducted by a dually licensed NYC sightseeing guide and TLC licensed driver, in a TLC licensed mini-van (see the note about legal driving tours at the bottom of our page devoted to: New York Layover Tours). 


We have special New York tours for wheelchair users; step-on tours for groups coming to New York with their own charter bus and a variety of other specialty tours. Start by clicking on any picture or "VIEW MORE" above for additional information about the New York tours or tour in which you are most interested. 

Our website is accessible to persons using assistive technologies.

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The Safer Way to Tour

New York

Our private driving tours are the safer way to tour New York.  There is no need to put yourself, family or friends at risk on a crowded bus or group tour, with people from everywhere around the globe.  There is no need to unnecessary exposure yourself to the germs, bacteria and viruses of crowded city sidewalks, streets or subways.  Our private driving tours include just our driver-guide, you and those who come to New York with you.  We will tour together socially distanced in a regularly deep cleaned and sanitized mini-van - the safer way to tour New York!  Read more about our private driving tours by clicking HERE.

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