We charge by the tour.  We do NOT charge on a per person basis.  All our tours are private, including just you and those who come to New York with you.   Click on the photos below for more information about our New York Sightseeing Tours.

New York Sightseeing Tours

and what you can expect 

On our New York sightseeing tours, your guide will meet at your Manhattan hotel. You won't have to come tp us. We will come to you. We will meet at whatever time is best for you. Maybe, you like to sleep late. Maybe, you like to get up early. Maybe, your body is accustomed to another time zone.  It is your vacation, your holiday.  We will schedule your tours around you.

On our New York sightseeing tours, the first thing we do is put together with you an itinerary for the day. Then, we head out on a tour planned around your interests and your requests. You won’t be with a group of strangers on one of those cold impersonal tours of New York City, having a "one size fits all" itinerary and strict schedule with time limits. It will just be you, your New York City sightseeing guide and whoever comes to New York with you, and you don't have to worry about  any tourist traps or tourist rip-offs along the way.  Your New York City sightseeing  guide will make sure of it.

Tours of New York City