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We charge by the tour.  We do NOT charge on a per person basis.  All our tours are private, including just you and those who come to New York with you.   Click on the photos below for more information about our Day Trips from New York.

For more information on our day trips from New York or New York factory outlet shopping, please click here to:

Like two (or three!)vacations in one.

Day Trips from New York

You come a long way and spend a lot of money to visit New York.  The city is strategically located in easy driving distance to a number of other world-class cities and tourist destinations that allow for an easy day trip from New York.  There is no need to change hotels; pack and unpack; make additional travel arrangement or pay airline penalties for  arriving and departing from different airports.  Contact us today about a day trip from New York!   

New York Factory Outlet Shopping

New York  factory outlet shopping opportunities abound at numerous factory outlets, malls and shopping centers within an easy drive of New York City.  We will take you shopping for the whole day or split your time between the Hamptons, Amish Country or Philadelphia and a nearby factory outlet shopping center.  Sight-see in the morning and shop in the afternoon - the best of both worlds!  Check out our above New York factory outlet shopping opportunities. 

Our day trips and factory outlet shopping tours are always private and include only you and up to 5 others who come to New York with you! 

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