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We charge by the tour.  We do NOT charge on a per person basis.  All our tours are private, including just you and those who come to New York with you.   Click on the photos below for more information about our New York Night Tours.

New York night tours are a great way to spend an evening in the city!  Nighttime always has something special, unique and memorable to offer, regardless of the time of year.  On a New York night tour, you will see the world's most famous skyline from across the rivers in Brooklyn and New Jersey; iconic buildings, monuments and sights lit up at night; beautifully decorated departments stores and city plazas at holiday time - all from the privacy, comfort and safety of our heated and air conditioned mini-van, with little or no walking.  Just recline back in our leather seats, relax and enjoy our one of our New York night tours!

How many evenings can you spend walking around Times Square?  How many Broadway shows can one afford to see?  The cost of a New York night tour for up to six people is less than the cost of some Broadways shows for one person.  Click on the photos above for more information!

For more information about a New York night tour, verification of availability, a proposed itinerary or any other reason, please click here to:

Interested in shopping tours or visiting other area sights outside of New York City?  Check out our:  Day Trips from New York

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