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We charge by the tour.  We do NOT charge on a per person basis.  All our tours are private, including just you and those who come to New York with you.   Click on the photos below for more information about our New York Food Tours.

Why take a New York food tour with us?  There are over 45,000 eating and drinking establishments in the 5 boroughs of New York City. That is more than one for every 188 persons living here.  Everything - restaurants, delis, pubs, food carts, food trucks,  food halls, etc.  All kinds of food; prepared in all kinds of ways; from all over the world!  If you have ever said, "sometime I would like to try . . .," well now is the time and this is the place, because it is all right here!  And, we will take you there! 

There are also some wonderful food markets and specialty food stops in the city that deserve a visit - bakeries, pickle makers, chocolate factories and more!


The use of a vehicle on our New York food tours gives us far more flexibility to get around the city than just a walking food tour confined to a particular and specific neighborhood.

Our food tours are always private and include only you and up to 5 others who come to New York with you!

For more information about a New York Food Tour, verification of availability, a proposed itinerary or any other reason, please click here to:

Our New York food tours, as with all our driving tours, are conducted in full compliance with the law.  Please see the note at the bottom of our page devoted to:  New York Layover Tours.

Our use of a vehicle also makes a New York food tour with us a whole lot more comfortable in the heat of summer; cold, ice and snow of winter; or wind and rain of any season, as we to move from place to place around the city in the heated and air conditioned comfort of a mini-van.

Further, our New York food tours are private.  It will only be you and up to 5 others who visit New York with you.  There won't be a crowd of others to contend with when it comes "down to the last crumb" or the "last drop." 

In search of the best cannoli?  The best pizza?  The best pastrami?  The best bagel?  The best ice cream?  The best pickles?  The best hot dog?  How about all of those on one tour?  Then, let us customize a special New York food tour just for you!  Trust us, we like to eat too!  We live here, and we know all the best spots.  Let us take you!

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