Our Brooklyn food tour explores the "Soul of New York."  A collection of neighborhoods that cuts across the historic, ethnic, religious, artistic and socio-ecomonic spectrum that makes Brooklyn such a great place.  


On this Brooklyn food tour, we will "nosh" (snack) our way across Brooklyn, exploing the borough and its neighborhoods that gave us Woody Allen; Al Capone (born, raised and started his life of crime here); Jimmy Fallon; Jackie Gleason: all 3 Stooges; and so many, many more.


In additon to its personalities, Brooklyn is known for its food - Polish bakeries; water boiled bagels; wood-fired brick oven pizza; gourmet chocolate; pastrami on rye; cheese cake; Coney Island Hot Dogs; and too many more calories and grams of fat to mention!


What better way to explore the many facets of life, customs and culture in this facinating borough, than through a Brooklyn food tour.  To quote that famous Brooklynite from the 1950's Ralph Kramden, "How sweet it is!"      


(Please note that your food is NOT included in the price of this tour.)


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*Note:  this private tour will accomodate a maxium of 6 guests or 5 with luggage.

6-Hour Brooklyn Food Tour by MiniVan - $999.00


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