Our New York City step on guide is great if you are coming to the city with a school, scout, church, senior citizen's or some other group on your own bus or coach.

Our  New York City step on guide will "step on" your vehicle at the edge of the city and assist your driver with navigating the busy streets. We know which streets and roadways are closed to bus traffic. We know where you can make a turn, where you can't, on what days and during what hours. We know where you are allowed to load and unload passengers. Our New York step on guides, even know the city's regulations related to idling (fines start at $1200). We can also let your driver know where she or he can layover to take their required break.

While our New York City step on guide is helping your driver navigate the city, he or she will be giving meaningful commentary to the passengers regarding the neighborhoods and sights being passed. 


If you are interested in scheduling a tour, please complete and submit a contact form from the address bar in the upper-right corner of this page.  We will verify our availablity and send you additional information. 

9-Hour New York City Step On Guide for Charter Buses. $499.00 / $249.50 deposit.


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