Private Tour from New York to Amish Country - $1299.00

On this tour from New York to Amish Country, we are joined by an Amish or Mennonite guide living in Lancaster County, whose family for generations has been part of that community of almost 40,000.  Our local guides give us authentic first-hand exposure, experience, insight and personal interaction with the "Pennsylvania Dutch."


On our tour from New York to Amish Country, we will visit Amish:


  • farms
  • bakeries
  • markets
  • quilt shops
  • workshops and businesses;
  • mills, etc.


We will have lunch at an Amish family owned and operated restaurant, where home grown and prepared food is always served.


If you are interested in scheduling a tour from New York to Amish Country, please complete and submit a contact form from the address bar in the upper-right corner of this page.  We will verify our availablity and send you additional information. 


*Note:  this private tour will accomodate a maxium of 5 guests or 4 with luggage.

Private Tour from New York to Amish Country - $1299.00


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