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Wall Street

As narrow and as

As short and narrow as it is, New York’s most well known street is Wall Street (that’s no bull! ).


Best known as home to the New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street is fascinatingly steeped in history (that’s no bull!).  Below are some neat facts about ”The Street.”

Wall Street got its name from the wooden plank wall that ran river-to-river, serving as the northern boundary of the old City of New Amsterdam (New York was controlled by the Dutch before the British).  The street that ran along the wooden plank wall became known as Wall Street (that’s no bull! ).

George Washington was inaugerated first President of the United States on Wall Street.  New York’s old City Hall was located on Wall Street.  City Hall served as the first Capitol of the United States (under the Constitution) for a little more than a year and a half.  Here on the balcony of old City Hall, Washington was inaugerated President (that's no bull! ).  

The Bill of Rights was drafted and passed on Wall Street (that’s no bull! ).

The first Congress of the United States met on Wall Street (that’s no bull! ).

The old slave market in New York was located on Wall Street (that’s no bull! ).

Beaver furs were among the first commodities traded on Wall Street (that’s no bull! ).

The New York Stock Exchange began trading outdoors, meeting under a Buttonwood tree on Wall Street (that’s no bull! ). 

In 1920, communist terrorists blew up a horse drawn wagon filled with exposives on Wall Street killing 38 people.  The terrorists were never caught (that’s no bull! ). 

When Donald Trump bought the historic Bank of Manhattan Building on Wall Street, he named if after himself (that’s no surprise! ). 


The Wall Street Bull is really on Broadway (that’s no bull! ) . 

If you liked this little blog tour of Wall Street, you’ll love our real life tour (that’s really no bull! )  Ask us to include Wall Street, when you take one our our New York guided tours.


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